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Learn about the exciting initiatives, events, programs and opportunities happening at Naut'sa mawt and within our 11 Member nation communites.

Sistering Indigenous and Western Science Program

Are you interested in science research and how it can be braided with traditional Indigenous knowledge? SINEWS is for you!

Indigenous knowledge? SINEWS is for you!

Women, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, including cis, trans and non-binary, are under represented in many science fields and disciplines. SINEWS wants to change that by providing early career development experiences to encourage students interested in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) programs to explore new opportunities in the sciences or increase opportunities for those already enrolled in science programs. SINEWS is a paid mentorship program that pairs two female identifying post-secondary students (one Indigenous and one non-Indigenous) with a researcher from Natural Resources Canada (NRCan). Over the course of eight months, student pairs will develop and implement a research project that falls within NRCan’s mandate and addresses an Indigenous community’s need. The goal of SINEWS is to help female students increase their capacity in the areas of traditional knowledge, Indigenous relations and engagement and provide a solid base for their future career.

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Jaime Wolfe

She/Her | Elle/Lui

SINEWS Program Manager/Gestionnaire de programme SINEWS

Northern Forestry Centre/Centre de Foresterie du Nord

Natural Resources Canada/Ressources Naturelles Canada

Cell: (431) 374-2075


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