NmTC Community Grant Program

The community grant may be used to assist with cultural and community initiatives that benefit a large segment of the community, provide opportunities for community members to come together, and offer a measurable benefit to overall community well-being.


The main avenue for Naut'sa mawt Tribal Council (NmTC) to provide direct financial support to its communities is through the Cultural and Community Grants program.


The primary objective of the program is to assist with cultural and community initiatives that benefit a large segment of the community, provide opportunities for community members to come together, and offer a measurable benefit to overall community well-being.


Up to $3,000 per year in Cultural and Community Grants funding is available to each member nation on an annual basis. Completed application forms are accepted throughout the year by NmTC.

The objective of this policy is to set out and administrate financial grants to member First Nations from NmTC’s own-source revenue.




Purpose: This policy sets out the process and administration of the granting of monies to member Nations from the Tribal Council’s funds.


Policy: All grant and donation monies flowing directly from Naut’sa mawt Tribal Council (“NmTC”) to its member Nations will be carried out according to the provisions of this policy.

Definitions and Clarification:

“Donation” means the granting of funds as defined as a “Grant” below.“Grant” means the granting of any monies by NmTC to a First Nation that is a member of the Tribal Council or monies granted under the auspices of a First Nation member to an organization that is affiliated with that First Nation.“Member” means a First Nation that is a member in good standing of Naut’sa mawt Tribal Council.“Project Grant” means a donation of monies for a specific project for which progress reports are required as a condition of the provision of the monies.“Report” means any report or written material that is required and requested as part of an approved grant application and is deemed complete when all of the information, of a material nature that has been requested, is provided.



From time to time, NmTC’s Board of Directors may direct that the program be targeted at specific issues or opportunities that arise within the general purview of the overall objectives. For example, the Board may identify a desire to assist with community gatherings in a specific year or to allocate a certain level of funding from the program to Elder travel to annual gatherings each year. The amounts of funds allocated in this manner are withdrawn directly from the program’s funding before other projects are considered. Allocations to specific First Nation members will be deducted from their eligibility amount in the year in which the allocation occurs.


In the past, NmTC funded Elder Gathering travel for each First Nation directly. Under this program, unless specifically requested by a First Nation member, NmTC will not send out a specific cheque for Elder Gathering travel but will expect the First Nation to fund it from the amounts for which it is applying.

Description of Project Grants

A project grant is received pursuant to a funding agreement which has been executed between NmTC and the successful applicant. The agreement will specify the financial support provided for a defined project or program. As well, the agreement will also specify the type of reporting required to fulfill the terms of the grant.


Grants to individual First Nations are made on an as requested basis provided that the following conditions have been met:


  • No outstanding reporting requirements exist on previous grants to the First Nation.

  • Except for special circumstances, the funding request for a specific project does not exceed $1,500 in total.

  • The project will take place on the reserve lands of the First Nation that applies for it.

  • No funding for the project has been received from other sources.



Information contained in applications is regarded by NmTC as confidential unless otherwise indicated and will be received and treated as confidential by NmTC and its directors and employees. No confidential information will be disclosed to any person or organization as a result of the exercise of the duties of NmTC directors and employees unless it is required to be disclosed by a court of law.



All NmTC member First Nations in good standing are eligible to apply for Cultural and Community Grants funding from the Tribal Council. Application can be made by any community organization or office that normally resides and provides services within the reserve lands of the Nation applying for funding. Applications from community organizations should be approved by Chief and Council of the First Nation prior to application for funding from NmTC.

Any project funded in a prior year is eligible for funding in a new year provided that Chief and Council agree to allow the application to be brought forward. Chief and Council must be aware that continued funding of existing projects will prevent new projects from being funded in their communities.

Each member First Nation has access to a maximum of $3,000 from the Cultural and Community Grant program in any one-year period. If a First Nation does not apply for and receive the full amount of funding in any given year, the amount of eligibility in the subsequent year is $3,000 plus any un-used portion of prior year’s eligible amounts. Carryover of un-used portions of the grant can accrue for a maximum of five years, whereupon the un-used portion for the first year is lost. A graphic presentation of this is shown below. (insert chart here)


Application Process

All applications must be made on the appropriate forms provided by NmTC. Copies of the forms can be found on the organization’s website at www.nautsamawt.org. The forms can be completed and sent to the office right from the website. If any member cannot access the website, they may request copies of the forms from the office.

All applicants should read this document in detail before applying in order to prevent their application being held up due to incomplete or missing information.


Applications will be accepted during normal business hours four times per year with the understanding that the total annual funding to any one member Nation shall not exceed the limits set out elsewhere in this document. Application periods shall be from April 1 to April 15, July 1 to July 15, October 1 to October 15 and January 1 to January15 in any fiscal year. Any application received after normal business hours on the last date shown in these periods (the “Closing Date”) will be refused and the application will be ineligible for funding. If an applicant wishes, they may re-submit the application in a subsequent application period. In the event that the Closing Date falls on a non-business day, the Closing Date will be extended to include normal business hours on the first business day after the Closing Date.


Once submitted to NmTC, the application will be considered final unless a written request to withdraw it is received prior to the Closing Date. No modifications to an application will be accepted – the application must be withdrawn and a new application submitted in its place.


An application should contain all the pertinent information needed to assess its suitability for approval. As such it should not require any further written or oral explanation, or reference to any other documentation unless that documentation forms part of the application. It should also be noted that an application should not contain false or misleading information, or omit pertinent information that may be unfavorable to the application’s success.


NmTC reserves the right to refuse applications that are inconsistent with the intent of this policy. It also reserves the right to refuse applications that it deems incomplete, that contain false and misleading information or that omit material information that is unfavorable to the application.


Application Review

All applications for Cultural and Community Grant program funding are reviewed and approved by NmTC’s Administrator. The Administrator will assess the applications according to the following parameters:


  • The project meets the intent of this policy (specifically the conditions stated under Description of Project Grants, above);

  • The project is not funded by other agencies or funding pools;

  • The project is approved by resolution of the Chief and Council of the First Nation where the project takes place; and

  • The applicant is not in arrears with reporting for Cultural and Community Grant funding received in prior periods.


All applications will be reviewed within 30 days of the Closing Date and decisions will be given within 15 days of the review period. Successful applicants will be required to complete and sign a Cultural and Community Grant Funding Agreement and funding will flow in the form of a one-time payment issued soon after a signed agreement is received by NmTC. Letters of refusal for funding will be mailed to unsuccessful applicants within 45 days of the Closing Date.



Unsuccessful applicants may appeal the decision of the Administrator by providing a written outline of the grounds for the appeal to the Board of Directors within 120 days of the Closing Date. The letter of appeal should specifically address and respond to the four parameters used by the Administrator to determine funding eligibility. Any decision of the Board of Directors on any appeal is final and no further action may be taken to deal with an unsuccessful application.

Administration of NmTC Grant Monies

All Cultural and Community Grant program funds are offered in accordance with the agreement signed between NmTC and the successful applicant. A successful applicant is expected to manage the funds according to the parameters and schedules set out in that agreement.


All conditions in the agreement must be met as the project proceeds. This includes the requirements for reporting on the funds expended and results achieved according to the schedules set out in the agreement.


Reporting on Cultural and Community Grant Funds

Annual progress reports must be filed in writing with NmTC by March 31 of the year immediately following the year in which the funding was received unless other conditions are set out in the funding agreement. If a report is not received by March 31, the Administrator shall disallow further applications from an applicant as set out in parameter 4 above. If a report is filed after March 31, the applicant will be ineligible for funding in the year immediately following the year in which the report was due.


If a report is filed on time and deemed incomplete, it shall not prevent an applicant from applying for funding in a subsequent year. However, if that report is not completed within the following 12 month period, it shall be deemed to have not been received for the new period, and will disallow further funding until it is completed and brought up to date.

All financial reports submitted as part of the reporting on Cultural and Community Grant funds shall include a budget column and an actual expenditure column. The budget column should show the estimated amounts presented in the original application and the actual column should show actual expenditures. Any variance from the budget amount should be explained in the report.


Further Information

The amounts of funding and the conditions of funding for the Cultural and Community Grant funding program may be adjusted from time to time by the Board of Directors of NmTC. These changes shall not change the conditions or intent of the program unless specific changes are made by resolution of the Board of Directors.

Any questions or clarification requirements can be directed to the NmTC Administrator. Any requests for clarification from the Board of Directors can be directed to the Administrator, who is obligated to bring them before a meeting of the Board for their consideration.