Practical Guide to Capital Projects

This Practical Guide to Capital Projects has been developed for use by First Nations, First Nations consultants and ISC employees. The objective of the guide is to clearly identify capital project submission requirements,  to provide a road map for project development and to promote consistent decision-making for the successful implementation of capital projects.


The guide deals exclusively with the planning, design and construction of community infrastructure assets and facilities. Funding processes related to other components of the Capital Facilities and Maintenance Program (CFMP) program such as for schools, housing and operation and maintenance are covered in other documents. The guide has been organized to facilitate the preparation of project funding applications.

Chapter 1 is an overview of the BC Region ISC Capital Program including a step-by-step description of the project approval process. Chapter 2 describes processes for identifying a capital project. Chapters 3 through 6 describe the funding application requirements, the deliverables and  expected results for each stage of a capital project cycle — feasibility, design, construction and post construction stages. Appendices are at the end of the document containing pertinent information for quick
reference by the users.

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