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Inclusive, culture-and-community-specific planning that covers all aspects of the community and lays out a vision and goals for the long term.

Guided by a Community of Practice, our CCP advisory services are provided to member Nations in a manner that reflects their values and priorities. 


  • Community Learning Network: monthly Community of Practice, skill-building training sessions, and different tools to support member Nation’ CCP development, and opportunities to learn from CCP Mentors. 

  • CCP Planner: The development of the online Comprehensive Community Planning (CCP) Planner for communities going through the CCP Process. 

  • BC CCP Workshop: The CCP workshop provides opportunities for Nation-to-Nation story sharing; skill-building for online, in-person, and land-based planning; and learning and connecting together in these uncertain times.

Bronwen Geddes


The CCP Planner is an online planning and reporting tool designed for use by BC First Nations carrying out Comprehensive Community Planning (CCP). With the CCP Planner, the planning team in each community will be able to track all of their work as they go through the pre-planning and planning stages of the process.


The tool allows users to:

  • Find information and resources for every stage of the planning process;

  • Develop a work plan for the entire CCP process;

  • Track all community engagement and communications work;

  • Organize CCP contacts;

  • Save all relevant planning documents and images in one place; and

  • Produce instant reports that present all work done to date in an easy-to-understand format.

Who developed it? 
The CCP Planner was developed by and for communities going through the CCP process. Naut'sa mawt Tribal Council (NmTC) and eCenter Research Inc. partnered to develop the CCP Planner with funding from Indigenous Services Canada. 

Data Security
The security of each community's information is a high priority. No data or information is ever shared with any person or organization outside of the community. The system uses transport layer security (TLS) for data in transit (from computer to data centre), transparent column level encryption, and end user authentication for login access. Data is stored in a high-end enterprise data centre in Canada and not in Cloud storage, so as not to compromise each user's data security. 

K'omoks First Nation CCP

K'omoks First Nation CCP

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