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Naut’sa mawt Tribal Council supports its member nations in realizing their efforts towards self-reliance, self-governance, connection to culture, and quality of life now and for future generations.

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Naut’sa mawt Tribal Council (NmTC) proudly serves 10 Coast Salish member Nations, located on Vancouver Island and the BC Coast. 

NmTC was incorporated as a non-profit society in 1983, under the name "Alliance Tribal Council," to provide support in five core delivery areas: economic development, finance and administration, community planning, technical services, and governance. Over the past 38 years, our services have expanded to reflect the values and priorities of our members. 

Naut'sa mawt Tribal Council is funded by Indigenous and Northern Development Canada's Tribal Council Policy Program. We augment our resources from our own-source revenue, including joint ventures, corporate subsidiaries, event management, and project management services. 


O'siem or Emot (Respect)

We respect each other in all that we say and do.  We build trusting relationships based on open and honest communication, transparency, sharing, and inclusiveness. We treat everyone with dignity, understanding and respect.


We are mindful of our cultural values, respectfully seeking cultural guidance from our elders and echoing their teachings in the performance of our duties.  We respect, understand and learn from the past so that we can grow the good, share and revitalize our traditional languages and practices, and reflect cultural pride in all we do.


We listen with a peaceful heart and help each other to understand, succeed, and realize our shared goals and the individual needs and goals of our communities.

Naut'sa mawt or Ay'Ajuthum (Collaboration)

We work together as one, collaborating with our member nations for the common good of our communities by sharing knowledge and best practices, building skills through professional development, connecting with each other, and developing a vision for a sustainable future.

Providing Value

Naut'sa mawt Tribal Council is a values-based learning organization that adapts to, aligns with, and strategically supports the professional development of members and member nations. We are flexible, innovative and creative in our delivery of programs and services, fostering an enjoyment of lifelong learning through storytelling and real-world applications. We maximize member outcomes and benefits by removing barriers, networking, and fulfilling needs through mentorships, the sharing of knowledge, and best practices.


We stand with our member nations, building relationships at high corporate and government levels based upon a foundation of professionalism, accountability, and ethics.  

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