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Please contact Eric Blueschke if you would like to learn more about how we provide Housing Policy Support, or if you have any questions, comments or suggestions. 

Housing Toolkit Resources:

The following resources are provided for your information purposes. 

The Practical Guide to 
Fire Prevention 

Eric Blueschke

The Naut’sa mawt Tribal Council Housing Policy Toolkit Project is a capacity development initiative of the Naut’sa mawt Tribal Council (NmTC) that is national in scope.


Toolkit 2.0 is intended to provide a comprehensive, flexible, user-friendly and non-prescriptive discussion and policy framework that First Nations can adapt to their specific rental and rent-to-own housing policy requirements without having to “re-invent the wheel”.


The Toolkit includes legal commentary and expert advice embedded in the following sample templates:

  1. Rent and Rent-To-Own Housing Policy and Procedures, including:

    • Eligibility, Application and Allocation of Rental Housing; Arrears; Termination of Tenancy; Marital Breakdown; Death of a Tenant (including Rent-To-Own); Insurance; Tenant Damage and Vandalism; Condition Assessments; Transfer of Ownership; and Appeals Procedures.

  2. Rental Agreement;

  3. Rent-To-Own Agreement;

  4. Sublease Agreement;

  5. Arrears Repayment Agreement;

  6. Tenant Damage Agreement;

  7. Pet Policy Tenancy Addendum;

  8. Rental Schedule of Maintenance and Repair Responsibilities;

  9. Rent-to-Own Phased Schedule of Maintenance and Repair Responsibilities; and

  10. Twenty-Five Sample Appendix.



The NmTC gratefully acknowledges the:

  • T’Sou-ke Nation, Halalt First Nation and Klahoose First Nation for providing the partnership support necessary to access project funding for Version 2.0;

  • funding support of the New Relationship Trust for Version 2.0;

  • funding support of INAC for Version 1.0; and

  • advice and guidance provided by the Assembly of First Nations, National Aboriginal Land Managers Association, Ontario First Nations Technical Services Corporation and the Center of Excellence for Matrimonial Real Property.


Questions and Suggestions:

The NmTC strives to continually improve and expand the Toolkit. You can help by letting us know what you think. What do you like? What would you improve? What new content would you like to see? Please direct request, questions or suggestions to: