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Organic Vegetables


“When you have food sovereignty, you’re free to be self-reliant, to grow your own food, to choose the foods you want to eat, to choose the foods you want to put in school systems, and really be self-sustaining.”
-Nephi Craig, White Mountain Apache Nation, Arizona, from the film Gather

The Naut’sa mawt Food Security Services support our Member Nations in projects related to food security and food sovereignty, including traditional harvesting, agriculture, aquaculture, other food production.


  • Connect our Member Nations, individually and collectively, to other Nations and organize work on similar projects, highlighting successes and discussing challenges

  • Develop resource databases, toolkits, and technical support packages that address the needs of our Member Nations

  • Support in the development, implementation and operation of food security and food sovereignty related programs

  • Assist in fund sourcing and grant writing

NmTC Food Security Advisors:

NmTC Community Food Network Facebook Group:  Click here to join
YouTube:  Click here


The purpose of our Community Food Network is to provide a space to connect, share, celebrate, ask questions, and post resources about food-related activities and opportunities among the NmTC member Nations

The Naut'sa mawt Community Food Network (CFN) is a space for Member Nation staff working in food-related roles to come together to share and develop their ideas, knowledge, and skills on various food topics, brainstorm through challenges, and encourage and uplift one another.


The Community Food Network hosts regular meetings, workshops, webinars and other learning opportunities.

Planting Guides:

RAising Chickens (1).jpg

Raising Chickens with Kalista Pruden

Annual NmTC food network gathering poster 2023.png
Kayla leading workshop (Shane, Sandy, Darren).jpg
FoodSafe Level 1-poster- Nanoose[92].jpg

FoodSafe Level 1

Fruit Tree Care Dormant Pruning (1).png

Fruit Tree Care: Dormant Pruning

NmTC Gather Screening Poster[8].png

"Gather" Film Screening

Building Healthy Soil.jpg

Building Health Soil with Kalista Pruden

Food Forest Foundations with Kalista Pruden Workshop Poster (1).png

Food Forest Foundations with Kalista Pruden

CANNING WORKSHOP - Malahat - Aug 26 2003.jpg

Canning Workshop

Fruit Tree Care Pests Diseases _ Maintenance Poster.png
FoodSafePosterVersion2_Malahat_United Way Grant[12].png

FoodSafe Level 1

Session 1 Poster.jpg

Fruit Tree Care: A Year in the Life of a Fruit Tree

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