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Ambulance Service


Supporting our Member Nations in developing emergency management plans that lead to safer and healthier communities.

Naut'sa mawt Emergency Management works with Indigenous Service Canada to ensure that the emergency plans at our Member Nations align with Federal and Provincial guidelines


  • Support, advise and assist NmTC member Nations with support and assistance in Fire Prevention and Preparedness.

  • Assist members with Emergency Planning by assisting in the development of Emergency Plans, implementing Emergency Planning Drills in communities and coordinating and accessing training from the Province of BC and other agencies.

  • Development and assistance with Business Continuity and Recovery Planning through the implementation of common planning processes, tools, policies, bylaws, and other means required to assist member Nations to continue business and recover from emergency situations.

  • Develop and maintain ongoing collaborative relationships with member Nations that support the communities with the development of sound  plans and best practices and leverages the roles and services of relevant agencies and organizations including but not limited to Emergency Management BC, First Nations Emergency Services Society, BC Wildfire, Emergency Services Support Program, First Nations Health Authority and ISC.

Emergency Management Contact

Clint Williams 

Emergency Preparedness Advisor

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