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Learn about the exciting initiatives, events, programs and opportunities happening at Naut'sa mawt and within our 11 Member nation communites.

Indigenous Youth Home Energy Forum

Did you know that Indigenous Clean Energy (ICE) Network has a forum for Indigenous Youth Home Energy? This forum provides a place for Indigenous youth to discuss and discover home energy conservation. This is a space for Indigenous youth to connect with each other, ask questions and share stories. The goal is to inspire youth to learn more about the impacts of energy on the land, consider careers in the energy sector, and take energy conservation actions in their community.

The Indigenous Youth Home Energy forum offers educational, career and internship opportunities in the energy and sustainability sectors. Here, you can connect with other Indigenous youth, share your experiences, engage in open conversations, and learn about what makes a home sustainable. Tradition and culture are essential to sustainable Indigenous housing, and youth are invited to sharing your vision for the future.

This forum was inspired by a workshop in May 2021 by Aboriginal Housing Management Association and Fraser Basin Council. The workshop featured Indigenous panelists working in the Indigenous housing sector. Indigenous youth highlighted the importance of culturally appropriate housing and expressed their support for a stronger voice in the development of sustainable communities.

For more information on the forum and its purpose, do not hesitate to get in touch with Sara Fralin (AHMA) or Tom Welfare (FBC)

To join the forum, you need to first sign up for the ICE Network and then join the forum:

Michelle mentoring Frank at T'Souke First Nation installing photovoltaic cells


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