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BC First Nations Justice Council Centres Officially Open

The BCFNJC has officially opened the first four Indigenous Justice Centres in Merritt, Prince George, Prince Rupert, as well as an online virtual centre.

The virtual grand opening on January 26, 2022, was organized by our very own Naut'sa mawt Event Management and had nearly 600 attendees.

"The BC First Nations Justice Council has been entrusted with the mandate to transform the justice system and create better outcomes for Indigenous people through implementation of the BC First Nations Justice Strategy.

The strategy, signed March 06, 2020, was jointly developed by the BC First Nations Justice Council, BC First Nations communities and the Province of British Columbia. It includes 43 actions along two paths which involve the reformation of the current system as well as the restoration of First Nations’ legal traditions and structures."

If you missed the grand opening, you can watch it here.

To check out the official announcement, click here.

For more information, including locations and contacts, click here.

Photography credit: BC First Nations Justice Council.


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