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Events, Funding, Resources, and Opportunities


Events, Funding, Resources, and Opportunities 


Indigenous Talent Scholarship  

McElhanney is offering the Indigenous Talent Scholarship in honour of Angus Cockney for Indigenous high school students, Indigenous academics, and Intergenerational community members for up to $5,000 towards completion of an education program, as well as hands-on training and mentorship, in either STEM, business, or administration.

Deadline:  October 28, 2022

More info, click here.

































ISCBC Youth Mini Summit: “Storytelling for Climate Action”  

Date: September 28th, 2022

Time: 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm PT

The Invasive Species Council of BC is pleased to host the online 2022 Youth Mini Summit: “Storytelling for Climate Action”

Have you ever had a conversation with a family member, friend, or neighbour about climate change that turned into a debate or even an argument? Many of us understand that to solve the present and looming climate crisis, we need urgent action on climate change now. Unfortunately, other people in our lives may not agree.   

Learn how to turn these frustrating conversations into transformational ones. Dive into the power of storytelling for climate action and go through the process of writing your own climate stake stories!   

Workshop presenter Maya Provencal, Clean Energy Manager for Neighbours United, sees the persuasive impact of storytelling from one’s own emotional and relatable lived experiences. “Many studies show that emotions, not logic, shape people’s opinions on divisive political issues. Debating using facts and talking points often deepens people’s internal conflict about climate action rather than resolve it,” said Maya. 

This free workshop is open to all ISCBC Youth Volunteers aged 15-30. Join our team and register for the workshop here.

Registration deadline is September 22.


Rising Youth Grant Opportunity

Rising Youth is an organization based in Ontario funded by the government of Canada (Canada Service Corps). It funds small scale youth-led project ideas that promote youth leadership and encourages community engagement, volunteerism, social activism and innovation! 

Learn more by clicking here.

Indigenous Youth Home Energy Forum

Did you know that Indigenous Clean Energy (ICE) Network has a forum for Indigenous Youth Home Energy? This forum provides a place for Indigenous youth to discuss and discover home energy conservation. This is a space for Indigenous youth to connect with each other, ask questions and share stories. The goal is to inspire youth to learn more about the impacts of energy on the land, consider careers in the energy sector, and take energy conservation actions in their community.


The Indigenous Youth Home Energy forum offers educational, career and internship opportunities in the energy and sustainability sectors. Here, you can connect with other Indigenous youth, share your experiences, engage in open conversations, and learn about what makes a home sustainable. Tradition and culture are essential to sustainable Indigenous housing, and youth are invited to sharing your vision for the future.

To join the forum, you need to first sign up for the ICE Network and then join the forum:


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