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Actively addressing challenges and supporting our members in addressing infrastructure issues to improve their communities.

Infrastructure support is provided to Naut'sa mawt Tribal Council member Nations through our Technical Services Unit. 


  • Expand Community Infrastructure Service Plan development and implementation by assisting members to individually or collectively develop & implement portions of Infrastructure Service Plans, depending on local timing, interest, and skillsets.

  • Assist members with infrastructure and capital project issues by helping them overcome obstacles in planning and delivering capital projects and addressing outstanding issues.

  • Participate in Housing & Infrastructure Council processes to assist member Nations in preparing for potential changes in infrastructure funding; and assist HIC to understand NmTC member infrastructure issues, challenges and initiatives 'on the ground'

  • Develop asset inventory and software projects to help member Nations improve accuracy, storage, and retrieval of asset inventories and automation of asset operations and maintenance functions.

  • Community Building O&M projects that assist member Nations in developing and implement operations & maintenance plans for community buildings.

Technical Services Team:

Eric Blueschke

Technical Services and Housing Policy Advisor

John Bolton 

Technical Services Advisor

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