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Actively addressing challenges and supporting our member Nations in developing effective housing policies and making informed decisions.

Housing Policy support is provided to Naut'sa mawt Tribal Council member Nations through our Technical Services Unit. 


  • Work with NmTC Nations and Toolkit 3.0 to address Residential Tenancy Policy and Agreement Fundamental and Home Ownership Policy Fundamentals for ongoing housing policy improvement and implementation within NmTC member Nations. 

  • Provide advisory and coordination services to fund and obtain legal opinions regarding options for member Nations to address CMHC Operating Agreement Expiry and Land Tenure Issues for Section 95 homes and identify the pros and cons of available land tenure instruments.

  • Financial Framework for Housing Initiative: Create a set of comprehensive but simple spreadsheets that can be used to analyze and present the information/issues related to the provision of financially sustainable on-reserve housing to be used as a foundation to begin the development of Community Housing Services Plan.

  • Facilitate ongoing discussion between NmTC member Nations, ISC NCR and BC Region Income Assistance, and BC provincial I/A to clarify NmTc member Nations National Shelter directives: Issues, Questions, and Proposed Solutions.

  • Toolkit 3.0 - Distribution and Management

Technical Services Team:

Eric Blueschke

Technical Services and Housing Policy Advisor

John Bolton 

Technical Services Advisor

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