NmTC Elders' Council Call for Nominations

Naut’sa mawt Tribal Council (NmTC) is seeking nominations from NmTC Members to fill three 3) Elders’ Advisory Council (Council) positions.

According to the NmTC Elder’s Advisory Council Terms of Reference, only 4 elders are elected to the Council at each AGM. This year, we received 8 nominations. At the AGM held on November 28, 2017 the NmTC Members insisted and passed a resolution that all Elders nominated be appointed and that the three nations that were not represented be contacted to nominate Elders from their respective communities. A consistent theme at this year’s AGM was the value of our Elders and the need to collect teachings, learn from them and protect our history and culture. This is why our Elders Council has been expanded to represent each of our NmTC Member Nations.

Download more information and the nomination form here and email to valeriecb@nautsamawt.com

Deadline is January 23rd 2018