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Sumi khatun
May 08, 2022
In General Discussion
Email Marketing As we reported in a Phone Number List blog post, email marketing is a very effective way to notify customers of your Christmas promotions. You can use it to target your holiday promotions accordingly and drive more traffic to your website. Here Phone Number List some of my key tips for using email marketing this holiday season: Clean up your list - Clean up your email marketing list first. Use this quiet time in September to tidy up your database and make sure all your data is correct Phone Number List This will help you better target your campaigns. Personalization - Talk directly to your customers. Personalization isn't limited to Phone Number List and location, you can even personalize emails with purchase history. If someone bought a Christmas jumper last year, they might be interested in seeing this year's range. Segmentation – Put relevant messages Phone Number List front of recipients most likely to convert. If you have location-based offers for specific store locations, target customers geographically. Analyze Basket Abandonment - Send follow-up emails to people who leave items in their Phone Number List baskets but don't complete their purchases . This is a great way to generate more sales from Phone Number List website. You can also use Google Analytics to determine at which stage of the checkout process most cart abandonments occur, and use this data to improve your website's checkout process. Real Time – Use email marketing to promote daily deals in real time. If you're only offering free one-day shipping, email is a Phone Number List way to get this message across to your existing customer base. You can use the ecommerce conversion rate data you previously identified in Google Analytics to determine the best time to send these emails. Remind them of Phone Number List benefits of shopping online - no more long lines or cold, chilly store trips.