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sukanto Kuri
Jul 13, 2022
In General Discussion
Product packaging design On the one hand, the packaging of the product is to ensure that the product is not damaged, and on the other hand, it also plays a role in attracting consumers and has an impact on sales. The use of illustrations in packaging needs to rely on consumers to create. High-quality illustration packaging can make the product attract attention and spread in the shortest time, and create value. 4. Poster Design Posters, also known as posters, have the characteristics of a wide range of forms and strong expressiveness. They are scattered in public places with large traffic such as campuses, streets, and commercial areas. The purpose is to leave a deep impression on people. In the design, prominent Titles and bright colors are often used, and through the illustrations on the posters, you can understand what they want to express and remove obstacles. For example, the design of movie posters is usually posted in places Image Manipulation Service where the public gathers such as movie theaters. Mousse stimulates the viewer's attention and plays a promotional role. For example, in the design of the movie poster of "My Neighbor Totoro", the first thing that attracts consumers is the big Chinchilla, and finally it shifts their attention to the text of the movie information, which plays a good role in publicity. Another example is "The Dark Knight", the picture is divided into two vertical halves, using traditional retro tones, a clown and a grim Batman, pieced together into a perfect character image. Another example is the poster drawn by illustrator NEILSTEVENS for the Tour de France, using only simple geometric vector graphics to make the picture full and vivid, revealing the unique and unique taste of the romantic capital of France. Therefore, in the process of poster design, regional and cultural factors should be properly considered and integrated into the design, so that information recipients can voluntarily relax their mood.