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Omar Faruk
Jun 30, 2022
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Up to one-fifth of all Internet traffic can result from rogue bots stealing data and credentials. If you want to stay one step ahead of those little gremlins, you have to pay attention to the traffic coming to your site. Bing wants to help with that. Use this tool to verify that the IP address is from Bing. If you want to do this on Google, you need to do a DNS lookup. bing webmaster tools verify bingbot Security and privacy Notice regarding copyright deletion If someone flags the content on your site for a DMA violation, the URL will be displayed here. bing webmaster tools copyright removal notices You can also see the owner of the copyright URL here. advertisement Continue reading below Do you think your content is unjustly flagged? Click Reply to Notification to challenge your complaint. User management (former user) Similar to the Google ghost mannequin effect Search Console, you can use Bing Webmaster Tools to manage who can access your account and their permissions. Managing users is very easy. Just add using your email address and select a role. You can choose from three options: read-only, read / write, and administrator. bing webmaster tools user management Other features available with the BingWebmaster tool Notification (previous message) When you create a Bing Webmaster Tools account, Bing may send you all sorts of messages, from phishing alerts to crawl errors. Receive notifications from Bing sent directly to your email. bing webmaster tools notifications Previously, these were sent to your inbox, Message Center, in Bing. advertisement Continue reading below Bing location for business If you want to be found by local search, search engines need to know where you are. It's in the upper left corner of Bing Webmaster Tools. bing webmaster tools more Bing Places for Business has two options for that. If your location is already known in Google My Business, you can import it here. If not, you can use Bing to manually add or request a business. advertisement Continue reading below It's a simple process, but the steps vary depending on the type of business. First, select the industry. You will be asked to choose whether you are managing your listings for small businesses, chain businesses, online only, or on behalf of your clients. Small businesses can manually search for businesses by phone number or address.