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Md. Naim Hasan Student
Jul 17, 2022
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Credit: Mizuho Fresh Milk wide-ranging planning wide-ranging planning Produced by "Business Team", the media group of Key Review Network, and sponsored by various brand units. Business and marketing related cooperation, welcome to contact us. Subscribe to authors Favorite this article The amount of a cup of coffee per month, support the birth of good ideas, and enjoy a better reading experience. support now What we want you to know is Ruisui Fresh Milk is not only committed to producing high-quality dairy products, but also supporting the upgrading of Taiwan's photo restoration service dairy and dairy farming industries. The team not only led the dairy farmers to study abroad, but after the landing, the counselors took care of the farm conditions, and shared learning with the dairy farmers to ensure the sustainable development of Taiwan's dairy industry. In the recently announced International Food Evaluation Awards, Ruisui Fresh Milk won the Monde Selection World Quality Evaluation Award Gold Award and the iTi Belgian Flavor Award for the sixth consecutive year, successfully leading Taiwan fresh milk to reach a new milestone. Behind the dazzling medals on the product packaging is the traces of Ruisui Fresh Milk supporting the upgrading of Taiwan's dairy and dairy farming industries and working together with the overall industrial chain.
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