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NmTC Services for Member Nations

Advisory Services

Advisory Services

Working Together as One

NmTC provides advisory services to its eleven member First Nations in a manner that reflects the values and priorities of each Nation. We offer services in five core delivery areas that include: economic development; financial management; community planning; technical services; and governance.



Community Planning
Financial Management
Economic Development

Delivery of Services

Working together as one to meet the needs of our Member Nations

NmTC provides free facilitation services for strategic planning, visioning, needs analysis,  and other community needs. 

Our service offerings can be provided in a collective format such as: 

  • Annual Receptionist Workshop

  • Recent Administrative Assistants Workshop

  • Records and Information Management Workshop

  • Exploring Self-governance Workshop

  • Occupational Health and Safety Workshop

  • Accredited courses for the Pre-Election and Post-Election stage for potential and elected leaders. 

  • and more. 

Our service offerings can also be  provided individually and customized to a nation’s needs, for example:

  • Chief and Council Strategic Planning

  • Chief and Council Strategic Planning follow up sessions

  • Administered Community Plebiscite

  • Training needs assessment for community

  • Assistance with proposal writing and reports

  • Assistance with developing a community plan

  • Assistance finding consultants for projects funded by INAC, or NRT, etc.

  • And so on….


Advisory Services Video

Watch videos of our past events and programs

Advisory Services Team

Valerie (Chemkwaat) Cross | Director of Advisory Services & Governance Advisor 

Bronwen Geddes | Community Planning Advisor

Erik Blaney | Emergency Services and Procurement Advisor 

Dale Komanchuk | Infrastructure Advisor

Eric Blueschke | Housing Policy Advisor

John Bolton | Capital and O & M Advisor 


Naut'sa mawt Tribal Council Vancouver Island 

8017 Chemainus Rd., Chemainus, BC VOR 1K5
p: (250) 324-1800 | tf : 888-382-7711

Naut'sa mawt Tribal Council Delta Office

330-6165 Highway 17A Delta, BC V4K 5B8

p: (604) 943-6712 | tf: 888-382-7711